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Spring showers hope and new life to dream for summer holidays, festivals, gardening, sea side walks and endless activity.

Enjoy our collection of dungarees, skirts, dresses, jeans, tops and more to fill your holiday bags. For real extra value and joy enjoy them all year round.


Midi Skirts Are Back with More Demand And Style

As we already know, when it comes to fashion, everything returns even the things we didn’t have in mind. After decades of wearing mini and long skirts even the ones that cover the beautiful shoes we chose, the midi skirt is back. It’s hardly surprising that the current rise of the mini skirt is happening just as fashion embraces the “f” word of it all over again.

This 40’s classic designed part of Christian Dior’s “New Look”, which redefined the post-war women style. Then, feminist revolution caused the desertion of it, because they were looking for free expression. The idea of showing lots of skin became a symbol of autonomy and independence.

The Increasing Demand of Skirts

Who would’ve thought that in 2014 these skirts were going to give us something to talk about? They were levied in street-style and runways. In today’s era, women are more self-reliant than

ever. When you put on a midi skirt and go wherever you want, it just makes you feel very confident and stylish. over the years, the concept of wearing and flaunting midi skirts has been developed altogether, and this positive change has been accepted worldwide as they are perfect from formal events to unique urbane looks.

Now, women can lean into the western trend with an ultra-flattering denim midi skirt. Midi skirts are characterized by their length, which can reach anywhere from just below the knee to mid-calf.

Around the year 2011, women had already raised their image, feeling confident with any type of clothes. This is the exact year that midi skirts reappeared. At present, skirts are in the fashion because these include modish and adaptable features. They can be classy or casual that can be worn by women anywhere.

Why do Skirts Drive Us Crazy?

The versatility of the skirts is what attracts us. They are delightful, feminine and versatile that gives women a feeling of ease. We can combine them with high heels, boots, ballerinas and even, sneakers. Their length varies between below the knee and over the ankle. Also, we have the option of wearing them all year round, because they can be found in multiple fabrics such as leather, denim, lace, silk, taffeta, satin, chiffon, and lots of others.

Stay Ahead of the Fashion Curve with “A Line” Denim Skirt

Flaunt your dynamic style without compromising on performance! This classy denim skirt will be a staple in any wardrobe. The sumptuous look of this trendy long denim skirt allows you to make an enticing appearance. Unique and exclusive long denim skirt will make you stand out from the crowd.How to Style this Season?From work place to your [...]

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Top 3 Style Tips for Classy Long Denim Maxi Skirt

Looking for a unique collection for your wardrobe? Give your wardrobe a peculiar and trendy touch with long denim maxi skirt. Some stylish long skirts just add a bit of pop and brighten even your gloomy days. Style your classy maxi skirt with casual top, jacket and sandals. The maxi skirt is a stylish and comfortable [...]

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Perfect Plus Size Skirts For Women

Plus size dresses mostly preferred by full figured ladies who carry a huge amount of flab on their midriff and this is the main problem they can’t wear slim clothes. There are solution for it to wear high waist style in bottom and plus size skirts to conceal all those midsection. People can notice such style in most of [...]

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Plus Size Fashion for Ankle Length Skirts

Being a plus size lady, it is best that you only wear too long skirts. Adore yourself with a skirt every day. One of the most important benefits of maxi skirts gives warm feeling. Such ankle length skirts are alternative for great pants. Choose long ankle length that will generally be a straight style for special occasion. Jeans oasis [...]

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Fashion Plus-size designer clothes Online

Plus size clothing is a term given to clothing proportioned specifically for people whose bodies are considered larger than the average. Such dresses are prepared designed to flatter your whole body and hug your body curves. Sometime shopping for plus size apparel is very tough in terms of shape and size of clothes. You are bound by specific style [...]

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Utility Jeans Make The Job A Lot Easier

Speaking terms of utility jeans means active duty jeans with many pockets and loops for carrying tools or objects such as screw drivers and hammers or various camping gear. These dresses are often loose around the leg.However traditional work pants or jeans which are more stylish, trendy and appear to be more closely related to designer clothing. Utility jeans [...]

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Designer plus Size Fashion Denim Skirts

Plus-Size fashion looks to refresh your wardrobe and these clothes are sophisticated, modern and very stylish. Try denim skirts and long dress from our plus size clothing collection designed by London designers. There are hundreds of top niche designers who design stylish plus size clothing denim skirt or other dresses.Jeans oasis has plus size women dresses in a number of different [...]

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The casual look clothing dresses

Young professional women females always look glam and sophisticated because they always trying to put together a stylish casual wardrobe and adding new looks day by day. There's a wide range of options for business casual wear that can be found in many different colors and designs. Casual work wear involves wearing jeans on a daily basis with casual [...]

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Update Your Wardrobe with Stylish Denim Dungarees

Overalls and denim dungarees are the new fashion statement version of denim especially perfect for your summer holiday. Transform your wardrobe by denim playsuits with super cute and great collection for every day wear. Jeans oasis always focus on the fashion aspects to keep your denim style updated, we have listed some of the must have denim items here. [...]

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